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Easter Trails, Egg Dancing, Easter Bonnet Parade and Baby Chicks at Blists Hill Victorian Town

Easter Trails, Egg Dancing, Easter Bonnet Parade and Baby Chicks   at Blists Hill Victorian Town
Join the residents at Blists Hill Victorian Town, near Ironbridge in Shropshire as they celebrate Easter in traditional Victorian style with Egg Dancing, plus an Easter bunny trail, chocolate egg making demonstration, Easter Bonnet Parade and a chance to see baby chicks hatching. Events will vary day-to-day between Friday, 30th and Sunday 15th April.

Special events for Easter Weekend 30th March – 2nd April

A highlight over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend (Friday 30th March - Monday 2nd April) will be the unusual pastime of Egg Dancing held opposite the Town’s Print Shop. Once blindfolded, the townsfolk will dance across the street trying to avoid stepping on eggs that are carefully placed along their route. Have-a-go yourself after the demonstration and win a yummy chocolate reward for completing the course without stepping on an egg!

Remember to come wearing your best Easter Bonnet so you can join in the traditional Easter Weekend Parade when the town’s milliner will be judging the finest creations.


Throughout the Easter school holidays 30th March – 15th April

Lots of other fun activities taking place over the Easter Weekend will continue throughout the school holidays keeping families entertained from 30th March until 15th April. These are part of the Museum’s ‘Create Something New’ activities that are taking place across The Gorge over the Easter holidays.

Join the Town’s Ranger to see chicks’ eggs being kept warm in the incubator and discover how to see inside the eggs. If you are lucky watch the eggs hatch and maybe hold a baby chick! Then find out how chocolate eggs are made by the experts in the cottage next to the Sweet Shop, where you will see melted chocolate being poured into a two-piece mould; once cooled the mould is separated to reveal a hollow Easter egg.


Visit the town’s Print Shop and learn how the development of the printing press changed the world, then head to the Good’s Shed and have a go at designing and printing your own poster to take home, there’s a small extra charge of £1 per poster.

Throughout the day follow the family trails around the Town and woodlands searching for the hidden Easter bunnies. There’s also a trail leading through the cottages and shops searching for individual letters. Collect all the letters and see if you can a work out the Easter themed word they spell.

One of the 10 Ironbridge Gorge Museums, Blists Hill Victorian Town is open from 10am until 4.30pm; entrance is £19.75 adults, £14.00 60 plus and £12.00 children 5-16, under 5s free.

A great value Annual Passport Ticket allowing multiple visits into all 10 museums costs £26.50 per adult, £20.50 for seniors, £16.50 for children (16 years or under), £70 for a family of two adults and all their children and £50 for a family with one adult; under 5s free (terms and conditions apply); Passports can also be bought online in advance saving 5% and individual entry tickets are available at each museum. Activities will vary from day-to-day and some additional costs will apply.

For further information, call the Ironbridge Tourist Information Centre on 01952 433 424 or visit The Gorge is easily reached via the M54 motorway exiting at Telford junction 4 or 6.


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