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Flamingos send ironworks staff into a flap

Flamingos send ironworks staff into a flap
Does anyone know if these are real or sculptures? We arrived at the Centre today to find this flock of flamingos walking across the park.

What's interesting and has certainly got some of the grounds staff into a flap, is that we’re hoping to have a number of special types of visitors arriving over the coming months and all need to rub along together.

That's pretty tricky, when some happen to be predators.

Why go to an expensive zoo, when these exotic animals are far happier to stay still for the camera and are always photo ready.

Information and educational boards are being created for all new additions, ensuring our visitors are informed on lots of unusual and fun facts relating to all our wild exhibits.

Educational groups, whether it be a school, a college or even a playgroup, all are received and hosted free of any cost.


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