Wem lies at the heart of North Shropshire, a perfect base for exploring in all directions. It is, as our friends across the water might describe it, "quaint".

Wem is filled with pretty Georgian buildings and delightful 'proper' small shops – like The Fruitful Deli and Kings (the sort of hardware shop that sells everything you can possibly imagine and many things you probably can’t).

These days it's a warm, welcoming town, where you’ll immediately feel at home; but it wasn’t always so. It was virtually demolished as a result of a battle in the Wars of the Roses, and during the Civil War, in 1643, the town saw off a band of 5000 Royalists under Lord Capel.

The defending force consisted of only 40 (male) Parliamentarians; but then the local women rallied round. The resulting battle is still celebrated in song:

The women of Wem and a few musketeers, Beat the Lord Capel and all his Cavaliers.

Wem is also the home to the modern sweet pea, the annual Sweet Pea Show is not to be missed, a riot of colour and scent, to delight the eye and tickle the nostril. Wem's annual carnival is also not be missed, with its day and night time procession lighting up the town – magic.

Judge George Jeffreys 1648-1689, Lord Chief Justice of England owned all the Estates around Wem, making Lowe Hall his country residence. known because of the punishment he handed out at the trials of the supporters of the Duke of Monmouth, in 1683 he was created 'Baron Jeffreys of Wem'.

However you decide to visit Wem, by car or mainline rail service, you’ll find it has much to offer – all served up with a taste of “lil ole England. Its coaching inns sell real ale and home-cooked meals. Old fashioned hospitality that ensures a warm welcome and friendly service. 

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